The Squash Blossom Necklace (7 of 7)

When purchasing a squash blossom necklaces, I always suggest to first find one that you like. This is the most important factor. More than any other factors, in my opinion, this is the one you should start with. Why purchase something if you’re not going to wear it or display it with pride?! After that, there is no magic to purchasing a squash blossom versus any other type of turquoise jewelry. Always buy directly from the artist or from reputable dealer.

The pricing of squash blossom necklaces is almost an art amongst itself. Some of the factors that are considered are the artist’s popularity, the materials used, whether any of the necklaces components were machine made (the silver spheres are sometimes machine crafted), and what type of designs are represented.

Thank you for joining me on this little journey. I love turquoise jewelry and love sharing my thoughts, facts, and sometimes guesses & opinions. Feel free to suggest any topic for future discussion. Your ideas and opinions are always welcome!

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