Zuni Sunface Information (1 of 4)

Zuni SunfaceFor the next few posts, I’d like to share some information about the Zuni Sunface, its symbolism and importance to the Zuni people; and its importance to anyone that gets caught staring at its fine craftsmanship.  The Sunface can be seen in many different Zuni art styles from pottery to rugs, and of course in turquoise jewelry.  Because of its great importance the Sunface has been used in almost every type of jewelry that can be crafted.

The Zuni, like most Native American people, were centered in an agricultural life style. This required them to have a keenly sharpened understanding of the relationship between the seasons and their crops.  The Sun plays the penultimate role in this relationship, and is therefore considered one of the most important beings to the Zuni culture.  The Sun is the bringer of life, stability, and continuity.  The Sun brings prosperity and joy to families, and playfulness to children. The Sun affords the Zuni good luck and fortune.  To the Zuni, giving respect and prayers to the Sun is as natural as breathing.  As such, their jewelry incorporates the Sun and represents the Sun as Sunface.

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