The bolo tie (2 of 6)

Ever wonder how bolo ties came into being?  Well, like may origin stories, there’s more than one story that tells the tale.  However, the most commonly trusted origin story for the bolo tie takes us to Wickenburg, AZ.

Wickenburg is about a 1 hour drive northwest of Phoenix, AZ, and was home to Victor Cedarstaff.  Like many folks of his day, the 1940s, Victor would ride his horse for business and for fun.  So the story goes….One particular day Victor decided to wear one of his dressier hats, decked out with a particularly nice sterling silver hatband.

As Victor and his friend enjoyed a horse ride through the countryside of Arizona, the wind picked up and continued to blow Victor’s hat off of his head.  After one particular incident, where his hat almost made it to Utah on a very strong gust of wind, Victor decided it would be best to remove the silver hatband and put it around his neck for safe keeping; better to loose the hand than the hat AND hatband.  After suffering through a few jokes from his friend about his new choice of necktie, Victor decided he actually liked it.  Shortly thereafter Victor fashioned the very first bolo tie and the world of fashion, and turquoise jewelry became a better place.

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