Stabilized versus Reconstituted Turquoise (1 of 2)

Raw TurquoiseTurquoise used in turquoise jewelry is softer than other stones used in jewelry. Using Mohs scale of mineral and gem hardness, Turquoise is a 5-6 (out of 10). Mohs scale is based on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the hardest stone which is diamond. The softest of stones will be similar to graphite, which is used in everyday common pencils; obviously very soft. Stones in the range of 1-4 are rarely used for any types of jewelry without being stabilized. Because turquoise is softer than most stones, you must be careful not to store turquoise jewelry in a way that would allow it to be scratched or jarred against other items. For example, storing a turquoise ring in a large drawer with many other rings could cause the turquoise stone to scratch, or even worse, fracture.

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