How To Clean Turquoise Jewelry (2 of 5)

turquoise ring exampleNow for the basics of cleaning.  Let’s a take a turquoise jewelry example, like the turquoise ring pictured here.  To clean this ring with the Hagerty’s Silver Spray you will need a few other items; a clean dust free cloth (I use my old cotton t-shirts), a small cleaning brush (old toothbrushes work great!), and some q-tips.  When using Hagerty’s spray, always be sure to have adequate ventillation.  Also, the spray may stain some fabrics, so don’t use the spray over your favorite Persian rug!  To begin, I wrap my hand in the t-shirt.  This helps to keep my hands clean as well as protect the ring from the oils found on hands and fingers.  Next, shake the spray can.  You will hear a marble inside the can mixing all of the contents.  Spray a generous amount onto the ring, remembering to get the inside and back.  Let the polish dry for a few minutes.  You’ll know when it’s dry by the spray changing from a clear glaze to a white / pink film.  You can use a common hair dryer to speed the process along.  Once dry, use the old toothbrush and Q-Tip to gently brush away the polish from the grooves, nooks and crannies.  Finally, use the t-shirt to wipe the remaining polish away, and then continue to use the t-shirt to buff the silver to a high mirror finish.  You’ll probably be surprised by how easy it is.  Not hours of rubbing until your arms are tired and spent.  Nope, just a few little rubs and there you have it!

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